What to Pack When Visiting Zion National Park

What to Pack When Visiting Zion National Park

We made a short weekend trip out to Zion National Park in November. Here you can find a list of everything we packed for our trip. Please note, we did not camp while in Zion so this list does not including camping gear.

Regardless of what your plans are, you’ll surely find this list helpful. Also discussed are other important tips for making your trip to Zion a success.

Our Packing List for Visiting Zion National Park

Below is a pack list for our 3 day trip to Zion National Park – if you’re curious to read more about what we did when we were there – check out our Zion National Park Itinerary and Must Do’s.

Bags & Gear

 1. Carry On Sized Suitcase – We chose to travel with suitcases for this trip because we were spending our nights in a hotel just outside Zion (in Springdale). We usually opt for bags that are carry-on sized because we want to keep our bags with us whenever we fly. I use this suitcase by Travel Pro because it’s a great suitcase, and Amazon has it at a steal.

2. Daypack – There’s a lot of great hikes in Zion and you’re certainly going to want to bring a day pack. I love my Osprey Daylight. It’s super light, has room for a camel back, and has no internal frame – which makes it easy to stuff away.

3. Water Bottle/Hydration Reservoir – You’ll want to have a capacity of at least 1.5L (2L is better). Either 1 big bottle or reservoir, or 2 smaller bottles, whatever works for you.

4. Dry Bag/Stuff Sack – Since we decided to hike The Narrows (a must do!) I brought my waterproof sack with me to keep my things safe from the water. No need to buy one if you don’t already have one – you can rent them from any of the local outfitters.

Shoes & Clothing

 5. Trail Running Shoes/Hiking Shoes – You really don’t need heavy hiking boots. Get something comfortable that works for you. I personally love these shoes from Merrel (Women’s) (Men’s). They are incredibly comfortable, are super lightweight and double as a water shoe. I also often use these vibram soled shoes from New Balance (Women’s) (Men’s) which are even lighter, and can pack away easily.

6. Merino Wool Socks (3 pair) – I highly recommend merino wool socks for any sort of traveling. Merino wool doesn’t get smelly nearly as fast as cotton but it’s just as comfortable. I used these short socks (Women’s) (Men’s) while hiking in Zion.

7. Long Pants (2 Pair) – Zion can be pretty cold during November, so pants are definitely a must. I use these pants by Outdoor Research (Women’s) (Men’s) and these pants made by PrAna (Women’s) (Men’s) and would recommend them to anyone. They’re rock climber’s pants which makes them durable, stretchy, and even water resistant.

8. T-Shirts (3) – Just make sure it’s not cotton and you’ll thank me later. Cotton doesn’t wick moisture, it dries slow, gets smelly fast, and is often not great at thermal management. Merino wool, or anything that’s a blend will serve you much better.

9. Warm Jacket – For any sort of travels – layering is your friend. I always carry a lightweight (but warm) jacket. I recommend using a lightweight “puff” jacket – they aren’t waterproof but they pack small and keep you super warm. I used my North Face Thunder Jacket (Women’s) (Men’s) and it turned out to be incredibly useful when hiking The Narrows.

10. Waterproof/Resistant Jacket – The Narrows can not only get cold, but it can get wet. Bring something water resistant and light to layer over your other jacket. I used this fleece lined jacket by Outdoor Research (Women’s)(Men’s) for the extra warmth.

11. Beanie – If you’re not traveling in the middle of summer, it can get cold at night. The beanie was also a great accessory inside The Narrows – kept me toasty warm.

12. Pajamas – Something to sleep in.

13. Underwear – I recommend using travel underwear, my favorite being from Exofficio. They wash (and dry) easily – wash them in the sink at night and they’ll dry by morning.

14. Hat/Bandana – Whether it’s a baseball cap, or a full brimmed hat, choose what works best for you. I use a bandana made my Buff Headware (Unisex).

15. Sunglasses – You definitely don’t want to forget these!


16. Camera + Memory + Charger – This is an adventure of a lifetime! You definitely want a way to capture all the amazing sights you’re about to see. I personally love my Sony RX 100 ii because it’s a small point and shoot with the power of a DSLR (without the tediousness of carrying one). Whatever you do, make sure you have something. And be certain to bring extra memory – I had 2 64GB sticks with me as well as 3 batteries (and a charger).

17. Flashlight/Headlamp – I prefer headlamps over flashlights – it’s nice to go hands free sometimes. I usually always carry one just in case.

18. Sunscreen – Zion is a beautiful national park, you’re going to be out in the sun all day enjoying it.

19. Brush/Hair Ties – If you use these at home, you’ll want them now.

20. Deodorant – You’ll appreciate not forgetting this.

21. Chapstick – It’s dry – your lips will thank you.

22. Toothbrush/Toothpaste – Another, not to be forgotten item.

23. Basic First Aid – Basic things to cary include aspirin, ibuprofen, bandaids, Neosporin, and moleskin.

24. Soap/Shampoo – If you’re staying in a hotel, you won’t need to bring your own.

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